Clara H, 2022 

I am amazed to have had an offer for BA Womenswear at CSM, and must certainly give some of the credit to Christopher Kelly! I took a few consultation lessons with Christopher Kelly whilst building my portfolio. It's really important to have professional guidance as CSM fashion is extremely competitive. I had done loads of work for my portfolio, but needed help editing it down. It was important to get the right balance between drawing, collage, fashion sketches, illustration and print. Mr Kelly gave me a lot of feedback on the presentation: what made sense to the project, what pieces worked well together on a page (and what didn't!) so that each page was coherent. He showed me that good ideas and strong pieces aren't enough: there is a skill in finding the right way of showing work so it stands out.      The feedback was great. Christopher Kelly is very encouraging, but will tell you with great honesty what works and what doesn't and this made me really trust his judgement. I certainly recommend making a booking!


I met Chris back in 2017, he was the tutor of a short course in Central St Martins I attended. I learnt a lot with him then and therefore decided to contact him some months ago to prepare my portfolio to apply for a Foundation Course in Art and Design. I have learnt so much with Chris. He really knows how to get the best of you and I have gained so much confidence in my development work. He guided me through my project and made me explore and be much more adventurous with my work. He is extremely inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with him. They were online but he just made them so easy. He has also shown me to feel confident talking about my art and to question myself. I am extremely grateful for all his guidance. 

Lele Wang, 2018 

I first approached Mr Kelly around a few months ago, and started having private tutoring lessons with him through zoom. Over recent months, I have been studying and learning about how to create a fashion project from start to finish. This includes learning different drawing skills (such as the negative space technique), creating collages, manipulating fabrics and much more. Needless to say, his professional knowledge and skills are brilliant, and he makes each lesson so fascinating and interesting. Each class is so exciting, creative, inspiring and fun, and you could always gain unexpected new ideas, skills and knowledge. Not only had I gained more insights into the art world, but also made me see things from a different perspective.  He was the first person to guide me through the captivating and fascinating world of art, and I look up to him greatly for that. 


"My tutorials with Christopher have enabled me to gain confidence on Research and Design Development. I have learnt and received help with Sketchbook and Portfolio Preparation which I am able to apply to current projects. It was a pleasure being taught by Christopher and with his help, I have succeeded in gaining offers at UAL and other Fashion Design Courses within Universities in London. " 

Gabriella Alibayova, 2013 

Over the past few months I have worked with Chris to create works for my University portfolio. What’s great about Chris’ approach is that he is able to quickly pick up on your strengths and weaknesses and come up with projects, which challenge your creative thought process and encourage you to experiment with different styles and mediums. Throughout every project we had detailed discussions which were useful in facilitating my decision making process. Chris’ wealth of knowledge of the arts and fashion scene combined with his ability to engage with students allows him to draw out the best in your work. He has a unique ability to truly understand his students and carefully tailor his approach to allow you to push yourself and step outside of your comfort zone. He has helped me to discover my trademark style of drawing and printmaking. Chris is a very motivating and inspiring person who throughout this process has inspired me to create better work'.

Vital Z'Brun, 2010 

My name is Vital Z’Brun and I come from Switzerland. Last summer, I took a Fashion Design course in London and that is where I met Chris, I really liked him and his way of teaching, he helped me to make progress as a design student. I very much admire his work as a designer and therefore he became my ideal tutor. Chris inspired me to develop my own projects and now he is my tutor via Skype, he guides me and supervises my work and I have already learned a lot from Chris and I highly recommend him as a tutor. I have online lessons with Chris each week and I am currently learning how to pattern cut which I am enjoying very much.

Samantha Adelstein, 2010

In the last few months I've been working with Christopher Kelly who has provided me with private tutoring lessons. He has given me different themed projects to work with and taught me many new techniques that I found very useful. We had weekly skype tutorials where he would check my work and without invading my thoughts to much he would push me to find ways to farther develop the projects. The process ended with a textiles development and putting together a portfolio. I chose him as my tutor because I knew he would give me the right support and instructions to begin with. I also knew how qualified he is and the amount of experience he has in his field which luckily is the one that interests me too. In addition to this he is also kind, present and an inspiring and pleasant man to work with. My experience has been unique, interesting and very useful for my future. I would recommend Christopher as a tutor to anyone. With the work I did with him, additional work from summer courses and school work I was able to get on to the Foundation course at Central Saint Martins and I’m sure that what he has taught me will be very relevant in my future studies.